Born in 1989, Sifter grew up in Ibadan, Nigeria and went to Government College Ibadan high school. He studied Science all through his schooling but always had a passion for music. As a young kid he always dreamt of seeing himself in the limelight. He joined the church choir at the very young age of 12 and worked his way to being a lead voice in most of his choir renditions. He also loved to dance and was selected to represent his high school in a few dance competitions.

After becoming so involved with music in his life, Sifter decided to migrate to the United States in 2010 to pursue his career as an artist and also work with a couple artists like Young Crispy, Tytcool and The Confirm. Sifter dreams to raise the bar of the music industry with his unique voice and focused attitude. Sifter has always been an entertainer around his friends and is very comedic. He loves to be silly and make people laugh. He always lives for the moment and has a positive outlook on life.

Sifter has also been going to a University in the US for a Computer Science degree while working on his music. Sifter recently signed to Bugatti Recording Group, a Nigerian record label. His biggest motivation has come from his favorite artists like Akon, Fela Anikulapo, Ebenezer Obey and also from his family who has always supported him.